Author Topic: Happy New Year!!! The Horse's Hoof Winter Issue 53 is here!!!  (Read 1665 times)

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Happy New Year!!! The Horse's Hoof Winter Issue 53 is here!!!
« on: December 31, 2013, 08:55:36 PM »
Dear friends,

Welcome to a brand new year of The Horse's Hoof Magazine! This issue is bigger and better than ever, with the most amazing barefoot stories and articles from all over the world! Several themes seems to run strongly through this issue, including the topics of foundered horses, and equine diet/nutrition. But perhaps the most touching, heart-warming, and inspirational theme is that of the one special horse that changes your life forever… we hear from several authors about their special horse.

Subscribers can simply log in to their account to access their new issue on January 1st, or anytime after that, at your convenience. The link to log in is right on our main site at , or the direct link is:
*If you forgot your password, you can look it up yourself with your own email address - right there!

All subscribers have access to the NEW Go Team Barefoot! Forum. There is a full barefoot chat forum for subscribers (barefoot trimming, boots, diet, health/lifestyle, success stories, and chat), as well as a public section where subscribers can post ads (for barefoot news, events, services, classified ads, and barefoot trimmers ads) - the general public can view this right off the link from THH main site, or the direct link is:
Subscribers, make sure to actually sign in to the forum itself the first time (and it should remember you), so you can see all the Private Boards, too! You know you are signed in when you see your name at the top, i.e. "Hello…your name".

The Horse's Hoof Magazine Winter 2014-Issue 53
Released on Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - 50 color pages!

THH Winter 2014-Issue 53
- From the Editor: Ethical Horsemanship
- My Once-in-a-Lifetime Horse: Granite Chief+/ (Owner Karen Chaton shares the story of her 2012 AERC Hall of Fame endurance superstar.)
- Saving the Foundered Prince (A pony named Prince Willy takes New York professional trimmer Jeannean Mercuri for the ride of her life!)
- Two Gaited Horses (and a Morgan) Go Barefoot (Horseowner Carol Peat shares the challenges and joys in her barefoot story.)
- Barefoot Police Mules in Houston by Officer Gregory Sokoloski (Longears join the Houston Police Mounted Patrol!)
- Are We Killing our Horses with Kindness? by Dr. Tim Kempton
- Feeding the Equine Hooves... Naturally! by Gwenyth Browning Jones Santagate
- Feeding Horses Fats & Oils, A Healthy Practice? by Marijke van de Water
- Founder Paradigm Shift by Ute Philippi (Examining the actual “cause” of founder.)
- Nilla, a Story of Love and Hope by Susanella Noble (Sometimes horses surprise you with the impossible... and make dreams come true.)
- A Tribute to Spirit by Barb Fenwick (Looking back on the life of a truly great horse.)
- Surviving a Coffin Bone Rotation... at 28! by Jen McGeehan (Healing is always possible, even with severe coffin bone rotation in an older horse!)
- Help at a Glance for IR/Cushing’s Horses (Jen McGeehan's handy list.)
- Smoke: From the Farrier’s Perspective... by Susanella Noble
- Navicular Syndrome Notes, Part One by Franco Belmonte (Exploring the vast subject of navicular in notes from lessons for professional trimmers, written in memory of Dr. James Rooney.)
- Barefoot in the Czech Republic by Václav Vydra (Problems with Promoting the Use of Barefoot Horses in Equestrian Sport in the Czech Republic, written by a successful barefoot and bitless/bridleless horseman.)
- Barefoot News (Luca Moneta's Puissance win!), plus a full Advertiser Listing Directory and Marketplace Ads

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To subscribe, please visit:
Happy hooves & "Go Team Barefoot!"
Yvonne Welz