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Preview of The Horse's Hoof Fall 56-October 1st
« on: September 30, 2014, 04:58:02 PM »
Dear friends,

Fall is here!!! Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!! Wait, no, I mean…
Here comes a brand new issue of The Horse's Hoof Magazine!

Welcome to the cool Autumn season, and the release of The Horse's Hoof Magazine Fall 56! Our new issue is packed with barefoot performance horses, competitors at the cutting edge of horse care, technical trimming and rehab articles, case stories, barefoot news, clinic reports, plus lots of horses breaking the supposed barefoot "rules" - such as our cover horse: an 18 hand Clydesdale Stallion in the middle of a light armor jousting event! You can practically hear the thunder of his hooves!

Subscribers: simply log on to access your new issue on October 1st, or anytime after that, at your convenience. The link to log in is right on our main site at (look for the red button!), or the direct link is:
*If you forgot your password, look it up at the above link with your email address.
You'll have access there to all your subscribed issues permanently (starting with 51).

The Horse's Hoof Magazine Fall 2014-Issue 56
Released on October 1st, 2014 - 42 full color pages!
-Barefoot and Bitless in Top Competition -- An Interview with Alex Nicol, show jumping rider and also a race horse trainer!
-“Doing It Yourself” A Pep Talk for Beginner Trimmers
-A Show Jumping “Natural” -- An Interview with Katie Pontone, young show jumping superstar who does things the right way!
-Australia’s Wild Horses, The Desert Brumby Adventure Tour by Jen Clingly
-Why We Say, “It Depends…” Thoughts on Rehabbing by Sandra Judy
-3 Common Mechanical Causes of Pathology in Domestic Hooves by James Welz
-Looking Inside is a Key Factor in Trimming by Linda Fullmer
-A Rehab Story: RC the Champion Arabian by Lauren Kahn
-Whole Oats as a Horse Feed... Revisited by Yvonne Welz
-Whole Oats, the Perfect Horse Feed? Parts One and Two
-Barefoot News: Clinic with Pete Ramey, The Functional Hoof Conference Australia-Dr. Brian Hampson's NEW barefoot trimming study presentation, Hoof Casting book review, Clinic with Dr. Teskey, lots of barefoot horse photos, and more!

Subscribe today, and you can read issue 56 right now. If you want to check your subscription expiration, just log in, and you can see your exact subscription duration (see the issue numbers under Active Subscriptions), and renew right there (click "Add/Renew Subscription").

Receive 4 issues of The Horse's Hoof Magazine for only $15 per year or $25/2 years.
To subscribe, please visit:
Happy hooves & "Go Team Barefoot!"
Yvonne Welz

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